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Monday, February 13, 2017

John Wick Chronicles Download Free PC Game Crack

              John Wick Chronicles Download Free PC Game Crack 

Informations about John Wick Chronicles PC Game

       John Wick Chronicles is designed for sets of virtual reality first-person shooter, based on the license of the American action film from 2014 directed by two former stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski and David Leitch. The game was announced in August 2015, he was released the following spring effort experienced Swedish company Starbreeze, known among thanks to such games as Enclave, The Darkness, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons whether the series The Chronicles of Riddick, and Payday. Production was created combined forces of studies Grab and WEVR having your account technological demo theBlu: Encounter, designed for VR sets HTC Vive. The work on the game was also attended by co-film, Basil Iwanyk.


The main protagonist of the film, and thus also the game is “retired” killer John Wick Chronicles Download free (in this played by Keanu Reeves), who retired from the business for his beloved wife. Shortly after her death in an apartment Wick comes to robbery, during which the son of a Russian mobster takes our protagonists last remembrance of his wife. This fact is for him sufficient pretext for bloody revenge and personal crusade, during which Will Be Blood of many types of shady.

Technical issues

John Wick Chronicles crack on the Windows PC platform requires a set of virtual reality and works with most popular devices of this type. Game publisher did not foresee the standalone version, which does not require the operation of the VR goggles.

Additional information

Very interesting is the fact that John Wick is not the first production studio Starbreeze, uses licensed movie of the same title. The company has in fact to his credit as free DLC for the game Payday 2, which appears in the form of a movie hero.

John Wick Chronicles lets you play as the celebrated assassin John Wick Chronicles download full game, letting you pick up his weapons that are iconic and head into the world of hired guns – all in virtual reality.

In John Wick Chronicles you’ll dive into a whole new way to go through the actions, as you’ll be part of it – and not simply somebody who holds the controller.

Enter the Continental Hotel, and pick up your first mission…

PRE ORDER BONUS: By pre-order John Wick Chronicles, receive a complementary copy of PAYDAY 2 featuring John Wick as a playable character as well as the approaching John Wick Weapon Pack DLC for PAYDAY 2.

More info about the game can be found at http://www.johnwickvr.com
Essential Attributes
• Welcome to the Universe of Hired Guns – Investigate the John Wick universe and immerse yourself by visiting different places and interacting with characters.

• intuitive and Simple Controls in VR – For the very first time ever, experience John Wick in virtual reality using intuitive, simple and smooth controls which are easy to learn but challenging to master.

• Extreme Fight Gameplay – John Wick Chronicles features extreme combat gameplay where your ability to dodge and cover is crucial.

• An Iconic Weapon Arsenal – For a legendary assassin for example John Wick, everything from Grenades and Handguns to Sniper Rifles and SMGs are accessible.

• Thrilling Boss Fights – John Wick Chronicles features challenging boss fights in virtual reality.